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Status: updated 14:10 November 4, 2019.


           One Location, nine Days.

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Participants are from a variety of nationalities. For example, we have people from: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States of America, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Russia and Turkey.

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A second version of the book One Click was last year up for auction. This was bought by Paul Suijkerbuijk (left) on behalf of the Internet Society the Netherlands and intended to give to Aleid Wolfsen (middle right), Chairman of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, as an inspiration and motivation to make a change.

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everything about The Attention Fair

Do You Whatsapp with friends? Instagram memorable moments? Binge-watch series on Netflix? Snapchat pictures with bunny ears? Browse the web? Use Google Maps? Track your running progress with an application? Of course, you do. You love the Internet and the opportunities it has created. As do I.


However, using these services require something in return. Something easy not to notice or consider. You pay forthem, with data. It seems a logical exchange; service for data. But since the amount of data you produce is ballooning and the details and intimacy in this information increasing, so is  the power of big-tech companies....




Product // you, me and everybody that produces data: We are the product of the internet economy.


Ingredients // all the types of data a product produces: ‘partner,’ ‘locations,’ income,’ ‘lose weight’ etc.


Data stock // the system that calculates the value of data, inspired by the stock exchange: The cost of information fluctuates based on behavior, conditions, and characteristics.


identity & terminology


As a person, you have a particular way of responding to advertisements. You’ve got an opinion about politics or sustainability. You’ve got a social status; You are engaged, divorced, dating, not married yet, or you do not believe in marriage. You have a career, financial situation, and a health condition. It might not seem of great importance to you if you have rodents, cats, dogs, or no pets at all. However, for the data industry, these details are of great value.


data stocks


The Attention Fair conconsist of multiple experiments, all giving insights into particulair subjects within this reserach project.



show that you care about the future of data ownershp!



/ general project advise: stëfan Schafer

/ programming: josh kowarsky

/ text editing and communication: anne sophie vrolijk

/ sound design: emile lagarde

/ privacy policy: hidde bruinsma

/ personal assistent: julia van de vendel

/ advise: anouk ruhaak – freelance data journalist and software developer

/ advise: xander bouwman – cybersecurity

/ advise: charan van krevel – PhD international economics

/ advise: bart van der sloot – institute for information law


and many more...




The Attention Fair. is developed in about 15 months of research, experimentation, developing, learning, prototyping, thinking and designing.



play with data


the value of your data



gamble with privacy

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This project is financially supported by the Grant for Talent Development, Creative Fund NL and the Pionier grand from SIDN fund, for Innovation and Internet.



explore the future of your data







A project initiated, developed, designed and executed by Julia Janssen.


Studio Julia Janssen

[Art / Design & Research]

{Technology / Data & Identity}



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Volkrant | October 25

De Toekomstbouwers | October 22

Editie NL | October 21

NPO radio 1 | October 21

Trouw | November 2

Spraakmakers | November 11-15

One Click to the Dutch Data Protection Authority

(Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens)

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