0.0146 seconds

In one-click, you accept 835 privacy policies.

It will take hundreds of hours to read all these conditions. An inhumane difference to the 0.0146 seconds in which you thoughtlessly clicked agree - An inhumane task for a single person to read this all.

So lets do it together!

You are kindly invited to participate in this project. 0.0146 seconds is a collective read-out-loud performance in which everybody can participate - An act against the exploitation mechanics of the data economy for the sake of control over personal information.

Dutch Design Week in a container at Ketelhuisplein, Strijp-S (Next to cafe 'Het Ketelhuis') Eindhoven
October 19 (Saturday) - October 27 (Sunday), every day 11:00 - 19:00

Free event: You do not need a Dutch Design Week Ticket for access.
Continuation: DDW will be the kick-off of this project. After this, we will continue at different locations, untill the entire book is read and recorded.
This project is part of The Attention Fair


how to participate?

1 Click on a chosen time frame (a time frame is 15 minutes, but you can also register for multiple in a row or do different sessions)
2 Enter your name (or alias or anonymous if you prefer not to have your name published on this platform).
3 Be present at the 0.0146 seconds container at least 5 minutes before the registered starting time .

Or, drop by during the week and participate spontaneously if there is an open time frame.
Or, support by visiting this performance!

And, share this page with your friends, family, colleagues, via social media or other channels.
Together, we can make the statement that We Do Not Accept this.


Note: To make this signing platform easy for you, you do not have to enter your email address or sign in. Please respect the logistics of this project and be there on time! The project will work best if the reading goes on continuously.

Unregister: If you change your mind and cannot be present at your timeframe, please sign out, so the time will be open for another participant. You can remove your name with the delete option, but this only works from the same device you used to enter your name.

Recording and documentation: The whole reading session will be audio-recorded and some data about the project will be documented. This means that when you participate as a reader, you agree that you voice recording will be part of the art work and that your name is documented in the project logbook, along with the time, location and duration of you session, which page and privacy policy you read.


If you have any difficulties with the registration, questions or other comments,
please contact me at

I hope to welcome you as a reader!
Julia Janssen


19 oktober

11:00 Julia Janssen 11:15 Paul Suijkerbuijk 11:30 Meike van Zandvoort 11:45 Ruben 13:30 Sanne 13:45 Aida 14:00 Siep 14:15 Cyprien 14:30 Mark lameris 14:45 Julia Janssen 15:00 Julia Janssen 15:15 Julia Janssen 15:30 Danielle Arets 16:30 wido 16:45 Syb Groeneveld 17:00 Patrick

20 oktober

11:00 Rogier van Kuyk 11:15 Maaike van Kuyk 12:00 Gé Janssen 12:15 Gé Janssen

21 oktober

15:00 editie NL 15:15 Editie NL

22 oktober

23 oktober

11:00 Paul Suijkerbuijk 11:15 Sara Spaargaren 11:30 Maike Popma 12:15 Oscar

24 oktober

11:00 Cor Noltee

25 oktober

11:00 Sabine Wildevuur 15:00 Thomas Verlinden

26 oktober

11:00 Paul Moreno 12:00 Bday 12:45 MMeuldijk 13:00 Vlad Gosia Anastasia

27 oktober

14:30 Annemarie Berkhout

about this project:

Just a fraction of a second it takes to click "agreed" to a privacy regulation. In 0.0146 seconds, we blindly sign a contract about collecting and using personal data. More often than exception, this click does not permit just one, but hundreds of privacy policies...

Privacy Policies: Legal jargon, written in paradox summations, lengthy sentences, and complicated vocabulary. Yearly, the average internet users click "agree" to 1700 privacy regulations. But besides this active permission, this click may have multiple destinations. Companies ally in the so-called Trusted Third Party Hosting Network (TTPHN), to collect and share information, business to business. Permission for one automatically means consent for the others. The book "One Click" is a collection of 835 privacy policies which are accepted with one-click on "got it" at www.dailymail.co.uk. The book symbolizes the fragile position of the Internet user and emphasizes the lack of control on personal data. It will take hundreds of hours to read all these conditions. An inhumane difference to the 0.0146 seconds. An inhumane task for a single person to read this all. So let us do it together.


This project is in collaboration with Paul Moreno

Credits for the construction of this sign up platform: Johan Groenen and Serge Cornelissen.

This project is part of The Attention Fair