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One Click is a unique book, visualizing the fragile position of the Internet user in relation to strategies of the data economy. With just one click, you accept 835 privacy policies.

'Accept', 'Agreed,' 'Continue,' 'Got it', 'I want a well-functioning website,' 'give me the best experiance,' 'Allow', 'I understand,' Approve', etc. all synonyms for that one first thing you have to do to get access to a website, platform, application or smart device. An average internet user accepts about 1700 privacy policies a year. These are long legal texts which would yearly take weeks of your life to read. And what difference will it make? You still have to accept to use the service. Besides the policies you actively accept, there is also the ‘trusted third party hosting network’ meaning when you accept the policy of a website, you also agree that these terms apply for their ‘trusted third party hosting network’ with that same click. This book is a collection of all the 835 policies that you accept when you click ‘agree’ on the cookie button at the

Are you curious who these parties are? What kinds of data they collect? How long and where they store the information? If they share these with more parties? You can figure all these intentions, in nearly one-thousand A4 pages.

One Click is part of the Attention Fair installation, a one and half year of research into data business and the monetary value of online information. This project is initiated and executed by design researcher Julia Janssen.
Studio Julia Janssen

""We have been enslaved by the data economy" is a phrase I said for the first time in 2016. At that time I became aware of the fact that we, the producers of data, are in no control over those and that companies are striking big paydays with our information.

Considering the amount of data we produce is ballooning, as are the details and intimacy in this information (5G Internet, Home devices, Smart cars, wearables, etc.) It's vital to think critically about the current and future infrastructure of the Internet. Meaning: Who owns, and will be owning these data?

The Attention Fair. is about sharing knowledge and awareness about the complex structures of the internet, and urgency to become in control over your information. The installation is an ongoing project and has been exhibited in various events. I would love to have auctioned the One Click book, to give it a permanent residence. I'm inquisitive where it will go to. I hope that together we can strive for proper ownership rights of personal information and empowerment of the internet user.

You are no Dailymail-reader, Facebook-user, Amazon customer, Google-user or Netflix-watcher. You are their product. You are the product of your own information. "

Bidding policy

// During the auction period, the bidders will stay anonymous (the names will be sent only to Julia Janssen, the initiator, and designer of the project.
// The buyer of the book and the price will be announced after the auction is closed. This final buyer cannot stay anonymous.
// The closing date of this auction is 1 July 2019
// The highest bidder will receive the book, provided that the described destination of the purchase matches with the intentions of this auction
// The stated purpose must be implemented. If this differs, you will contact Julia Janssen.
// The yield of this auction will be used in the use of this research into the data economy and the future of data ownership rights to create new experiments for The Attention Fair. installation.
// One Click is a two-edition book: one edition to be auctioned and one edition for exhibitions of the Attention Fair installation.
// The bid is excl. Tax